eCharmony Vintage Enamel Shield Charms

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Links to Shield Charm Galleries (please email me at if you see a charm that you want): Italy Charrms | USA Charms | USA Charms 2 | World Charms | Canada Charms | Germany Charms |

PLEASE READ THIS! Vintage Enamel Travel Shield Charm Collectors Guide
I created this gallery as a way to manage my ever growing personal collection of travel shield charms. An online database tool, and not meant to be a store. I am working on separating charms into a STORE that has charms for SALE and my own collection of charms that are not for SALE. You will see the annoying SOLD OUT message on this site when the charm is part of a collection. MORE...

I have thousands of travel shield charms that have not even been photographed yet. Feel free to send a wish list of charms that you'd like and I'll search my collection to see if they are available. I'll email photos for your approval and create a private gallery for you on this site where you can shop at your convenience or I'd be happy to send a PayPal invoice. If you'd like to pay by check or money order contact me and I'll add the option to this site so you can shop and purchase online in this store. - Thanks! Angela

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