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Shield Charm Collectors Guide: Types of Travel Shield Charms
Engliand or UK Charms
English charms usually have baked in enamel and have an ornate sterling silver scroll pattern around the edges. The place name appears in the rounded curve on the bottom in raised silver. Primarily crests of England, Scotland, Wales locations.
Austria Shield Charms
Many Austrian shield charms have a slightly different shape than the typical shields. A curve on the top. A lot of these Austrian shield charms have a gorgeous embossed Austria Crest (Österreich Wappen) on the backs.
Building or Landmark Charms
Important or famous buildings: castles, churches, universities, bridges, cathedrals & museums are depicted on these scenic enamel travel shield charms.
Notable Person Travel Shield Charms
Notable people from history are depicted on these shield charms. Favorites in my collection include Napoleon, Eisenhower, William Shakespeare, The Pope, and John F. Kennedy.
Event Shield Charms
Event shield charms commemorate important events and occasions such as the Olympics,
World Fairs, innagurations, The Queens Jubilee, etc.
Charms in Unique Shapes
Some of the older vintage shield charms were made in different shapes and sizes than the typical shield charm. I love to find these little treasures. (See Koln top left)
Ornate Reverse Side
I especially like to find the rare charm with an ornate stamping on the back. Some charms were made two sided with a crest, flag or coat of arms on the back and a scene on the front. I wish they were all made two-sided.
Unique Charm Shapes
These types of enamel charms are great additions to your shield charm bracelet. These charms are about the same size, contain enamel and are also of the travel theme.
Silver or Metal & Enamel
These lovely cloisonne type charms have enamel baked around the silver or metal trim of the design. Some were created using silver, others were made from base metals such as copper and brass.
Scenic Shield Charms
Scenic shield charms. The gorgeous mountain, coastline, village scenes are like miniature postcards that document your travels.
Enamel Bell Charms
Enamel bell charms are a beautiful addition to shield charm bracelets. They are typically from mountainous European locations.
Coat of Arms Shield Charms
These colorful charms portray heraldry, a town coat of arms, crests, state or country flags or combinations of these elements.
Brass or base metal & Enamel
I really love this type of charm, even though very often they are not silver. The colors are in a warmer vintage palette and they are thicker in depth than the most popular shield charms.
Flag, Crest, Coat of Arms
Heraldry, Coat of arms, crests, state or country flags or combinations of these elements.
Animal or Character Charms
Everyone loves these animal charms. One of my premier themed shield charm bracelets contains all animal charms – from zoos and nature parks around the world.
Old Vintage Enamel Charms
These Pre 1950's enamel travel charms have a somewhat muted vintage earthone) color scheme. They usually have a strip of silver between the name panel and the scene.
The text panel fields are usually white, black or red. They don't get any prettier than this.
Road Side Attractions
These retro charms feature the best United States and worldwide roadside attractions. The Wall drug dinosaur, Dog Rock,
State Symbols, State Birds and State Flowers.
Travel Shield Charms that depict scenes that are representative of teh location: A Maine lobster,
A Minnesota Viking, New Mexico roadrunner...
College & High School Mascots
The Columbia Lions,
I find charms with maps hard to resist. I'm currently creating a shield charm bracelet completely fiilled with map shield charms from all over the world.

A few favorites from my Personal Bracelet Collection

Contains charms from my adventures. Mostly blue Scenic charms on this one.

This charm bracelet now has 3 charms on each link.

This bracelet houses most of my older style Italy charms. It currently has 3 charms per link.

We'll always have Paris...a celebration of France, Monaco. A study in Red, White & Blue

All older vintage silver in enamel shield charms on this one.

Viva Italia
In honor of beautiful Florence, one of my favorite cities. Immortale!

This bracelet includes charms from my Caribbean and tropical island travel.
See new version.

My Italy necklace was getting too full so Rome was built in a day.

This is my premier Italy bracelet and only my favorite Italy shield charms go on this one.

I bought many of these on my first trip to London,,,where I saw my first shield charm bracelet in a Greenwich antiques market.

My favorite and most unique enamel shield charms from my collection landed on this bracelet.

Ski Paradise: Skis, Skiier, Snowflakes, ski Trams shield charms, skates, etc.

About me:
I have one of the largest collections of travel shield charms in the world. I have acquired tens of thousands of shield charms that are organized and alphabetized by country, city, state or town location. I have hundreds of shield charms bracelets that still contain all of their original charms. I frequently list my duplicates on ebay and sell charms from my online shield charm store. I am the editor of the Shield Charm Collectors Guide which contains a comprehensive collection of vintage enamel shield charms from all over the world. This handy online guide assists collectors in their search, so they can browse photos of travel shield charms that exist and locate the travel shield charms that they are interested in collecting. Someday I will write a print version in book form.

If you are looking for a specific charmdon't hesitate to contact me. I fulfill wishlists so feel free to contact me via email at and I'll do my best to locate the charm for you. I will send pictures for you to choose from.

How I got started:
I saw my first shield charm bracelet at a market in Greenwich, England while wandering around London. I didn't buy it because the GBP was twice the USD at the time. I thought about it for days and I was back home in the US. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I sent my husband who was working in London back to Greenwich to see if he could find it at the market. No luck. So I decided to look on ebay. I found tons of them. The first one I purchased is still one of my favorites, it had older charms and it was a lot prettier than the usual bracelets. I still have it intact.

Being a graphic designer by trade I thought that I had an eye to reassemble bracelets so they would look prettier. I harvested charms from my ever growing collection of bracelets and made themed bracelets from all of the extras that didn't make it to any of my personal bracelets. I'd look through hundreds of bracelets and sorted charms into piles of ski trams or flowers or animals and made bracelets to sell to support my shield charm collecting habit. I carefully lined the charms up by color and attached the charms so each charm complemented the charm next to it. When these bracelets develop over time charms just get randomly added as they are collected so a bit of visual continuity gets lost. When I assemble a new bracelt I also add new jump rings and what a huge difference that makes.

I was originally trying to collect as many charms as I could so i could have one from each location ever made. Ha. I soon realized that there were millions of locations manufactured. So I gave up on that and focused on Italy charms since I am Italian. I collected like a maniac and ended up making about 7 fully loaded Italy bracelets and two necklaces jam packed with Italy charms. I soon had enough charms from each location to refine those bracelets into specific cities in Italy. Rome, Florence, Venice, etc.

At the same time I gathered charms from places I've been. This bracelet is still my favorite even though it is way to full to wear comfortably. I'll be breaking it down into two bracelets since I have enough charms to fill two places I've been bracelets. The London bracelet soon followed along with Paris, then my Caribbean Islands bracelet. And another of my favorite bracelets that I rarely wear is appropriately named "favorite charms" bracelet. I love the old shields with enamel baked into the silver. I selected my favorite unique charms and packed them onto this bracelet.

I love everything about shield charm collecting. I like the hunt and acquisition of new charms, I enjoy the creative process of making jewelry, I love the way the charms look and feel and the way they lightly jingle when your arm is moved. I love learning about the places depicted on takes me there even though I've never been there. I learn a lot more geography. I love meeting fellow collectors and making new friends from my customers. I have a passion for my hobby and love to share what I've learned with others. I love making my customers happy when I provide them with a charm that is a treasured memory for them. I especially enjoy seeing customer photos of their bracelets that I have had a part of helping them create. What a fun hobby. I am so lucky that I can do something that i truly enjoy and I get to make other people happy at the same time.

About Collecting graphic travel related things
I'm a collector by nature (thanks, Mom). I have a fascination for vintage, Art Deco, roadside retro 50's type things, and my graphic design style reflected these styles. I especially enjoyed typography. I started lettering while in church as a young child. I borrowed the old Lutheran hymnals and copied the old style lettering from the books. I recently bought an old German leather bound bible for 5.00. The cover is hand tooled and embossed leather. Spectacular. And the artwork and lettering inside is even more spectacular.

When my mothers friend who owned an ad agency retired in the early 80's, he gave me a bunch of boxes of 50's clip art. I was in heaven. I scanned a lot of the books so I'd have a digital copy and archived them. For the next few years I did a lot of cool stuff with this clip art.

As a professional graphic designer I still loved alphabets. Logos were my specialty. A lot of logos included heraldry elements. (Before computers I collected press type and lettering books.. Oh yeah, and if you haven't guessed, I like old letterpress wood type blocks. I collected fonts. I have every digital typeface from every type foundry. A whole backup disk full now. Fellow graphic designers called me the Font Queen. I was just recently bestowed with a new title by a fellow charm seller. The Shield Charm Queen. It's good to be quee
n. I've also been called the Sink Queen. But that's a story for another time.

As a child I had a stamp collection, I didn't care for the typical method of stamp collecting...having to log them into books, no patience or attention span for that. I'm a designer and most designers and creative people that I know have a bit of ADD. Hmm, what was I saying...oh yeah I was talking about stamps. Well, I made collages out of my stamps iinstead. I glued them (by theme) onto wooden boxes and made gifts for friends. A pilot friend got a wooden box with all flying things and airplanes. I'd sort through boxes of stamps and look for stamps with animals on them and make animal themed collages. I "collaged" anything you could think of from picture frames to furniture. I soon moved on to collecting coins and currency from places that I've been, I display them in glass topped shadow boxes in my office. I have collections of 50's diner menus, graphic design books, world music. I can't even talk about my family tree scrapbooking phase. I singlehandedly kept Michaels Craft Store in business in 2007.

I also make beaded jewelry and have an amazing collection of beads that I will never end up using because it takes me to long to decide which beads to use. This led me into liking jewelry. Shield charm bracelets are easier to make than beaded jewelry, you just attach one and you can easily remove it at anytime. I like the flexibilityof just having to add a jumpring and these days arthritis is setting in. sigh. So just playing with two sets of pliers are a challenge these days. My beaded jewelry career is over, so I will be selling beads soon.

I dabbled in collecting sterling silver matchsafes but that got too expensive before amassing a dispayable collection.

I collected Vintage Curt Teich large letter postcards for US States, and that soon became US ciites and so on. I made a few coffee table books filled with my postcard collection.

I'm sure you can see why I am fascinated with shield charms. They are miniature postcards that you can wear! How perfect. All of my interests in the perfect little item. And I can wear it. And share it. This is the best thing, ever!

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Vesta Matchsafes

50's Clip Art & Fonts

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Large Letter Postcards

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